Company Policies

1)    Delivery Fees – rates start at $50.00 for a weekday round trip within a 10 mile radius. Other areas and weekends are subject to different rates; please call for a quote.

2)    Set up – rates start at $32.50 for the first half-hour, per person. Minimum charge for set up is $32.50.

3)    Technician Labor rate – Monday thru Friday, $65.00 per hour, two (2) hour minimum; Saturday and Sunday, $75.00 per hour, three (3) hour minimum. Holidays, $75.00 per hour, four (4) hour minimum.

4)    Equipment may be picked up after 2 pm the day before your event and is due back by 10 o’clock day after your event. Equipment held longer than this will be charged at a rate of 20% per hour. After five hours have passed, another full day’s rental fees will be charged.

5)    Requirements for renting from OnCue:

A)    ID issued by a state agency, such as drivers license (CA only).

B)     Security deposit – we require a deposit in the amount of three times the daily rental fee (some equipment is subject to a full replacement cost deposit, such as laptop computers, tablets, wireless mics, two-way radios, etc). Deposits are held until equipment has been returned and fully inspected.

C)     Deposits can be made in the form of credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex) or cash. Checks are not accepted for deposits.

D)    Certificate of Insurance – OnCue Audio Visual, Inc. must be named the Loss, Damage Payee. Coverage must include, explicitly, miscellaneous equipment, rented equipment, or rented and leased equipment. Policies with Unattended Vehicle Disclaimers will not be accepted. All certificates and attached forms are subject to verification and approval by management before equipment is released. A credit card is required to cover any insurance deductible as well as to guarantee rental payment. Insurance will be required on all equipment valued at over $5,000.

6)    We can ship equipment if desired; a minimum three-day rental period will apply, plus all shipping costs. Additional charges for packaging equipment may apply. Call or email for details.

7)    Theft, Loss or damage – Customers are responsible for all losses or damages to the equipment. Damages and losses will be billed separately from the rental invoice. Customers will be charged at the day rate times the number of days until fully reimbursed for repair costs, or if lost or stolen, complete replacement cost will be billed.

8)    Failure to cancel a reservation will result in a full day rental fee.

9)    Additional terms:
a) Minimum rental charge is $20.00.
b) Rates listed on website are per-day, and are subject to change without notice.
c) Minimum rental is one day.

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